Marguerite Mills

Researcher & Curriculum Development

Marguerite Mills is an artist, geographer, and cartographer. She joined the Mapping Prejudice team in June of 2018. Mills holds an undergraduate degree in Developmental Psychology and a masters in Geographic Information Science with an emphasis in Sociology. She began a PhD in geography in the fall of 2021. Mills' research takes a deep mapping approach, focusing on the intersection of focusing on the intersection of property and housing as a critical juncture for interrogating structural oppression and material inequality.

Mills is the winner of the 2020 USpatial Best Overall Map Map Award for her work, "Exodus." She has received grants from the Minnesota Independent Scholars Fund and the University of Minnesota's Academic Innovation Grant. In 2019, Marguerite teamed up with Denise Pike to co-curate an interactive exhibit: "Displaced," installed in southwest Minneapolis Public Libraries. Marguerite developed the digital map component exploring stories of race and place in southwest Minneapolis.

Marguerite maintained the project website and created spatial data for the covenant map. She led the effort to develop a K-12 curriculum for Mapping Prejudice, visiting dozens of classrooms to speak to students about Mapping Prejudice and using maps for social justice.

Image of a young woman with pink hair in a light grey stocking hat (with sunglasses on the hat) wearing a grey long sleeve shirt and a big, full black backpack. She is looking at the camera, but behind her we can see a mountain valley filled with scrub brush and a lot of mist/fog.