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Explore the human side of structural racism in Minneapolis and how covenants shaped the lives of the cities residents.

Greenspace, White Space

Real estate, racial segregation, and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

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Race and the streetcar suburb

Shenandoah Terrace is a neighborhood in south Minneapolis with a dense concentration of racial covenants. How did these 68 acres of land get restricted for the exclusive occupation of white people? Who made the decision in the mid-1920s to insert racial covenants into several hundred property deeds? What can we do now to repair the damage that has been done over the last century?

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Displaced: A history of race and place in Southwest Minneapolis

In 1970, unable to find a place to live, Native Americans protested a lack of housing in Minneapolis. They recognized a deliberate effort to keep them from living on their ancestral homelands. How did this happen? How were people whose ancestors claimed, worked, and cared for this land for thousands of years pushed out?

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Race War in Linden Hills

In the very first days of 1910, a group of white Linden Hills residents declared that "a strong attempt will be made to oust" the "negro families living in the vicinity" of their homes.

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An award winning deep deep map exploring the complex history of the Black and Jewish communities in Minneapolis’ Northside. The map investigates the material implications of mobility.

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