Covenants research nationwide

Cities around the country are reckoning with their relationship to racially restrictive covenants. The National Covenants Research Coalition is working to document this history of exclusion and examine their legacy today.

Dividing the City

St. Louis, Missouri

Justice InDeed

Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor), Michigan

Mapping Segregation in Washington, DC

Washington, District of Columbia

Chicago Covenants Project

Chicago, Illinois

Segregated Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Eastern Washington Racial Covenants Research Project

State of Washington

Mapping Cville

Charlottesville, Virginia

Mapping Racism and Resistance

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Documenting Exclusion

Northern Virginia

Mapping Segregation in Iowa

State of Iowa

Welcoming the Dear Neighbor

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Mapping Racist Covenants

Tuscon, Arizona

Great River Covenants Project

Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Syracuse Covenants

Syracuse, New York