Detail of 1912 hand-colored Minneapolis map

Maps & Data

See the 26,000 racial covenants Mapping Prejudice volunteers have found so far, and download shapefiles, spreadsheets and static cartography. We work with community members to make datasets and maps for open access.

Downloadable data and maps

Racial covenants in Minnesota and beyond

Our most up-to-date covenants data, in spreadsheet and geospatial formats. Confirmed and mapped racial covenants from Ramsey and Hennepin counties in Minnesota, plus early results from Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

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Hennepin County racial covenants

This data was compiled by the Mapping Prejudice Project and shows the location of racial covenants recorded in Hennepin County between 1910 and 1955.

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Hennepin County static cartography

A suite of static cartography based on Mapping Prejudice data. These maps visualize the segregative impact of covenants on Black residents in Minneapolis between 1910-1940, the relationship of segregated neighborhoods to freeway construction, the relationship of racially restrictive covenants and contemporary neighborhoods of color, and the overall extent and pattern of racial covenants in Hennepin County.

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