Pinned up note: What are we going to do next?

Take action

Learn about ways you can leverage this history into present-day change.

There is no single path to justice.

Mapping Prejudice is making a case for reparations. By the time racial covenants were outlawed, the damage was done. Without strategic action to make amends, the inequities created by these practices will only grow worse. Mapping Prejudice collaborates with community members to identify and map racial covenants. But this data only has meaning if it spurs meaningful change.

Acknowledge and teach the history

White supremacy is anchored in amnesia. White Americans have sought to forget the racist practices that created contemporary racial inequities. Teach this history. Invite people to participate in a collective reckoning around this history. Resist campaigns to obscure the past.

History is under siege

Legislatures are suppressing accurate history from being taught in K-12 classrooms across the United States. Support this curriculum and learn more about the struggle against these actions in your geography.

Get involved in your neighborhood

Paying attention to local reparative initiatives will allow you to apply this history in your community. Organizations like the Longfellow Community Council are always finding new ways to build programming around covenants research in their community.