Daniel Rosenblum

Ph.D. student, Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala Universitet

Daniel Rosenblum is currently a Ph.D. student in Human Geography at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. As part of his research on formerly covenanted neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Daniel is excited to work in partnership with the Mapping Prejudice Project as an affiliated researcher to support, in tandem with his fieldwork, local initiatives around reparations, housing justice, and racial equity.

Daniel’s research is primarily concerned with memories and recollections of the home and neighborhood among residents today, particularly in terms of how they are coming to understand themselves within histories of settler colonialism, racial exclusion, and white supremacy. Daniel lived in Minneapolis prior to his studies in Uppsala and received a BA in Anthropology and Global Studies from the University of Vermont and an MSc in Urban Studies from the Free University of Brussels.

A man with curly hair and facial hair smiling wearing a dark blue shirt standing in front of a white textured wall.