Kara Cisco

Social Studies Teacher

Kara Cisco has taught social studies in the Twin Cities metro area for nearly two decades. Her areas of interest as an educator include engagement protocols, co-design, participatory action research, and project-based learning. In 2018, she developed an ethnic studies elective that incorporates identity, place-based history and student-led civic engagement. This course and its accompanying text are now used in over 300 classrooms across the United States. Kara is a National Board Certified Teacher and was the 2020 MN Social Studies Teacher of the Year. In addition to her work as a full-time teacher, Kara is working on her doctorate in education. Her research focuses on the experiences of white students in ethnic studies as it relates to white racial identity development. She and her family live in Minneapolis.

A white woman with brown hair wearing a burgundy shirt stands in front of a green and yellow mosaic tile wall