Malik Mitchell (he/him)

Insights & Innovation Strategist, Imagine Deliver

Malik’s superpower is his curiosity, which lends itself well to the field of research and problem-solving. He is skilled at bringing together interdisciplinary teams to work on some of society’s most pressing issues. Malik is always searching for a way to include the often overlooked to bring rich insights to the project at hand. When he is not down a research rabbit hole, he enjoys listening to podcasts, reading, cooking, and going to parks with his dog. As much as he loves digging into a book or article, Malik really shines when he is out of the office and engaging with community members. Malik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Social Justice from Hamline University, and a Graduate degree in Public Health Administration and Policy from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.

Black man with a beard smiles while wearing a blue long sleeved shirt and standing in front of a green palm leaf patterned wall.